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Gluten Free Pasta Box

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Who says you can’t enjoy Italian food while eating gluten-free? Italy has a long tradition of taking gluten intolerance seriously—for a country that loves its pasta, it should be no surprise that they want to make sure everyone can enjoy it.

This beautifully wrapped kit will make the perfect present for the gluten-free Italian pasta lover in your life!

Discover What's Inside: Learn More About What Comes in This Box
Gluten-Free Casarecce Pasta: Casarecce is originally from Sicily. Its name means “homemade,” as cooks used to make this curved shape by rolling the dough around a thin wooden rod. It’s a hearty choice for chunky sauces like meaty ragus.

Gluten Free Brown Rice Fusilli Pasta: With a focus on the highest quality ingredients, this fusilli from Massimo Zero is a truly superior gluten-free pasta—and trust us, we've tried a lot. Made from corn and rice flours and boosted with rice bran, it’s virtually indistinguishable from our favorite whole wheat pasta. You can even use the starchy cooking water! Fusilli’s iconic corkscrew shape makes this a perfect match for any hearty sauce or pasta salad recipe in your repertoire.

Sicilian Tomato Sauce: The shining star of this Sicilian tomato sauce is—you guessed it!—the tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes, to be precise, compact and flavorful, with more ripe sweetness than their full-size counterparts. They thrive in the sizzling Sicilian sun, cooled on steep hills by breezes that blow in from the Mediterranean. All that sunshine gives the tomatoes a concentrated, intensely sweet character that is pure perfection on its own. They’re allowed to shine in this beautifully simple sauce, made of just tomatoes, olive oil, salt, and basil. Capped in a typically Sicilian stubby glass bottle, this sauce is ready to use right out of the jar.

Organic Yellow Datterini Tomatoes: For the sweetest, sunniest fresh tomato flavor, there’s nothing better than these organic yellow datterini from Bio Orto. The name means “little dates,” and they’re so called both for their diminutive size and their candylike sweetness. Grown in Foggia, in the southern region of Puglia, datterini thrive in the intense heat (the region gets, on average, 2,500 hours of sun a year!), which is tempered by cool breezes from the surrounding Mediterranean Sea. Their natural sugars are concentrated by those long hours in the sun, giving these tomatoes a well-balanced flavor profile that sings with ripe sweetness. Yellow datterini have the highest sugar content of all, with minimal acidity. They make a sunny addition to pizzas, salads, and composed pastas. When cherry tomatoes disappoint, these datterini deliver!

Tuscan Salt Blend Large: Created by world-famous Tuscan butcher Dario Cecchini, this masterful salt blend is known as Profumo del Chianti (“the scent of Chianti”). Fragrant with sun-dried herbs, including sage, lavender, and rosemary, combined with crunchy sea salt, this blend smells like a walk through the Tuscan countryside, where these plants grow in wild abundance.

Gluten Free Casarecce Pasta: 14.4 oz

Gluten Free Brown Rice Fusilli Pasta: 14.4 oz

Organic Yellow Datterini Tomatoes: 12.7 oz

Sicilian Tomato Sauce: 11.6 oz

Tuscan Salt Blend Large: 7.76oz
Size: 5 items
Gluten Free Casarecce Pasta: Corn Flour (90%), rice flour (10%), water.

Gluten Free Brown Rice Fusilli Pasta: Corn flour (81%), rice bran (10%), rice flour (9%), water.

Organic Yellow Datterini Tomatoes: Yellow Datterini tomatoes (57%), water, salt.

Sicilian Tomato Sauce: cherry variety tomato (97%), DOP extra virgin olive oil, salt, basil.

Tuscan Salt Blend Large: 75% Sea salt, aromatic herbs in varying quantities: dried sage, dried lavender, dried thyme, dried rosemary, laurel, dried wild fennel, dried juniper, dried green pepper, bay leaf.