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Ginger in Syrup


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Fabbri of Bologna has been making wild cherries in amarena syrup since 1905. The top-secret recipe for these sweet little cherries hasn't changed in over 100 years, perfected by Gennaro Fabbri's wife, Rachele, in 1915. What began as a distillery making cherry brandy in Ferrara, in the northern Emilia-Romagna region, quickly became best-known for its irresistible candied cherries. That iconic blue-and-white ceramic jar, first designed in the 1930s, certainly helped! Today, fifth-generation members of the Fabbri family are carrying on the legacy of Gennaro and Rachele with their internationally renowned cherries.

Bonus: The sizable signature jar makes a beautiful keepsake once the strawberries are gone! Giada uses hers to hold fresh flowers—its timeless design fits into any room in the house.
Too all cocktail lovers out there: this Ginger in Syrup from Fabbri is the perfect ingredient for your Gin Tonic and Moscow Mule.
Size: 8.8 oz