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Giada's Mystery Box - A Taste of Florence


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Giada just got back from Florence, a trip that never fails to spark the imagination. The Renaissance city in the heart of Tuscany is a stunning mix of high art and comforting simplicity, from the gorgeously ornate architecture to the simply grilled (yet totally decadent) Bistecca Fiorentina. The rural charms of the Tuscan countryside mingle here with some of the most beautiful art in the world. Is it any wonder that the food is amazing?

The gently rolling hills of Tuscany are where the famous cucina povera of Italy was born. This simple philosophy—to make the most of meager ingredients, and find pleasure in every meal no matter how little you have—is an inspiration to Italian chefs of all backgrounds today, including Giada. From the simplicity of a bowl of pappa al pomodoro to a hearty ragú of cinghiale (wild boar) over polenta or pasta, Tuscan meals feed the soul like no other. 

In this mystery box, you’ll receive the ingredients to make an iconic Tuscan pasta dish—but the only way to find out which one is to order it! (Don’t worry, we’ll provide the recipe, too.) From start to finish, you’ll have a deliciously Tuscan meal on your hands to transport you to the fragrant vineyards, wheat fields, and olive groves outside Florence.

Every month we unveil a new mystery box curated by Giada featuring an exciting selection of products imported direct from Italy, so be sure to check back next month for the next mystery box theme.

Please note: All items in this box are nut-free and vegetarian-friendly. Some items are not suitable for gluten-free diets.

Size: 5 items