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Giada's Italy Box - Flavors of Rome


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Giada De Laurentiis lavishly explores her food roots and the lifestyle traditions that define La Bella Vita with the contemporary California twist that has made her America’s most beloved Italian chef. Giada’s Italy, she returns to her native Rome to reconnect with the flavors that have inspired the way she cooks and shares what it means to live la dolce vita. From pasta to tomatoes, Calabrian chili paste, and beyond, use these Italian ingredients to start cooking your way through Giada's Italy - and choose to get it with or without the signed copy of Giada's Italy!
This Box Includes the following:
Calabrian Chili Paste: With a mellow, fruity heat that lingers on the palate but won't overwhelm, there's just no substitute for this crushed Calabrian chile paste from Tutto Calabria. The quintessential Italian chile is beloved around the country for the lively heat they bring to any dish. Similar in Scoville level to cayenne but with a depth of flavor, this paste of fresh chiles crushed and preserved in olive oil is a must-have for any spice lover’s pantry. It’s one of Giada’s essential Italian ingredients.

2x Organic Datterini Tomatoes: Datterini tomatoes are naturally ultra-sweet with a delicate taste. Grown in the Gargano area, this is a variety of tomato that thrives in the region’s deep southern heat (the region gets, on average, 2,500 hours of sun a year!), which is tempered by cool breezes from the surrounding Mediterranean Sea. Their natural sugars are concentrated by those long sun hours, giving them a well-balanced flavor profile that sings with ripe sweetness and umami goodness.

Arborio Rice: Arborio rice is the most variety most commonly used for risotto, and its grains are the largest of the rice varieties grown in Italy. It grows in the northwestern Piedmont region of Italy, which shares a border with France and Switzerland. The Piedmont is reknowned for its agricultural bounty, and is home to decadent specialties including white truffles, barolo, and highly prized rice.

Fiorentini Pasta: A loosely curved, short pasta with an unpredictably twisty flourish, this Fiorentini by Setaro is a style rarely found in the U.S. The complex shape requires a special die to be produced by machine, and just a few traditional pasta makers in Italy go to the trouble of keeping it in stock. Once you try it, Fiorentini is likely to jump to the top of your pasta favorites list; the ruffled charm of its graceful, calla lily-shaped curls has a way of elevating even the most simple dishes.

Elicoidali: Look closely at this elicoidali pasta from Setaro, and you’ll see why it’s not just another rigatoni. Its name is derived from the Italian word "elica," which means spiral or helix, and the hypnotic swirls that run the length of these medium-length tubes are what sets it apart from the crowd. Its deep-set ridges help sauces cling to the pasta, ensuring every bite is full of flavor.

Dried Rosemary: No herb is more quintessentially Mediterranean than rosemary, and there’s no dried rosemary more intensely aromatic than this version from Filippone. The woody plant thrives in sunny, dry climates, and it grows wild across much of southern Italy, where its unmistakable scent perfumes the coastal breezes. This rosemary is grown on a small family farm in Sicily and dried right on the branch, so there's no doubt about what you're getting.

And you can add the Signed Giada's Italy to this box! Giada De Laurentiis lavishly explores her food roots and the lifestyle traditions that define la Bella Vita with the contemporary California twist that has made her America’s most beloved Italian chef.

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