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Mini Assorted Chocolate Eggs in Tin

D. Barbero
A stunning art nouveau tin holds colorfully wrapped eggs in the finest dark and milk chocolate, a nod to an Italian tradition that goes back over 100 years.

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Give your Easter celebration some Italian flair with this gorgeous tin of mini chocolate assorted eggs from D. Barbero. Based in the town of Asti, in the chocolate-loving northern Piedmont region, the Barbero family have been making adorably delicious Easter sweets since 1883. The stunning art nouveau tin that holds these sweets is a nod to their long history and commitment to tradition. Inside the pocket-sized box are colorfully wrapped solid chocolate eggs in the finest dark and milk chocolate. It’s the perfect holiday treat for kids and grownups alike, complete with a stylish case to hold your treasures once the chocolates are done.

As in many parts of the world, Italian Easter celebrations are decked out with springtime symbols like bunnies, lambs, and, most important of all, eggs. Easter eggs in Italy range from the miniature, like these little gems, to the truly enormous. Shops all over the country sell mammoth hollow eggs the size of a football—or bigger—decorated with icing, colored chocolate, or nuts. There’s no better way to complete your Easter decorations than with this beautiful tin that brings a little Italian tradition and style to your home.

For seven generations, the Barbero family have been making delicious sweets in Asti, just east of Turin. Part of the Piedmont’s proud chocolate-making tradition, D. Barbero has been selling high-quality torrone and chocolates since 1883. They use local nocciole Piemontese—the ultra-flavorful hazelnuts that only grow in Piedmont—and chocolate sourced from the finest cacao-growing regions of the world to ensure the highest quality in everything they make. Barbero is so dedicated to tradition, their headquarters in Asti are home to a chocolate museum! Their Easter goodies are beloved by local children, who line the courtyard outside their shop and factory to admire the colorfully wrapped and decorated treats.

Size: 7oz