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Cinema Night Box


Style | Barbarella

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One of our favorite boxes of all time, the CInema Night Box is a homage to Giada's grandfather, Dino de Laurentiis - an Italian-American film producer and one of the first to bring Italian cinema to the international scene back in the 1930s.

Here you'll find all sweets and treats for a fantastic movie night at home, plus a tribute to Dino's legacy in the film industry in the form of an exclusive poster! Choose between King Kong, Bitter Rice, and Barbarella. 

This kit contains:
Exclusive Movie Poster on a movie produced by Dino de Laurentiis, Giada's grandfather!

Granisi Cookies With Manna Orange: Two uniquely Sicilian ingredients come together to make these delicious cookies with orange and manna from Tumminello. From the family-run bakery's GraniSi line, which celebrates ancient grains native to the volcanic island south of the Italian mainland, these cookies are made with stone-ground timilia, a drought-resistant variety of durum wheat. They're flavored with manna, an ancient natural sweetener, and vibrant local orange zest. Crisp and satisfying, with a pleasingly rustic texture, these unique biscuits will perk up your next coffee break.

Hot Chocolate Mix: Winner of a best hot chocolate award from the London Academy of Chocolate, this hot chocolate powder from Guido Gobino is pure decadence. A second-generation master chocolatier based in the Piedmont region, known as the chocolate capital of Italy, Guido Gobino is considered one of the most talented artisans in the country. Take one sip of this rich, dark drinking chocolate, so dense it's almost like a chocolate pudding, and you'll agree: This is the real deal regarding chocolate flavor.

Amaretti Del Chiostro Cookie Tin: Amaretti cookies are the pride of Saronno, a city just north of Milan in Lombardy, and there’s no amaretti more beloved than these from Chiostro di Saronno. This humble cookie made from just a few simple ingredients is a mainstay of Italian culture, as are the iconic tins in which they have been sold for over a century.

Minifoglio Gianduja Chocolate Bar: Made with exquisite care by a second-generation master chocolatier, this minifoglio chocolate bar from Guido Gobino is the essence of the Piedmont. Showcasing the nationally recognized, IGP-certified nocciola piemontese (Piedmont hazelnut) in all its glory, this beautiful bar stars gianduja chocolate (think Nutella but way better) enriched with whole roasted hazelnuts. It’s a perfect contrast of textures in one seriously gourmet chocolate bar.

Style: Barbarella