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Show someone how much you appreciate them on their special day with our Italian birthday box, featuring a collection of our very favorite products from Italy. From our best-selling pasta, tomatoes, and Calabrian chile paste to divine sweets and more, this collection is an amazing sample that runs the gamut of our Italian products. With a special buon compleanno ("happy birthday") card tucked into our beautiful box, this makes an amazing gift for anyone's birthday.

This box contains:
Journey to Piedmont: Take a sweet tour of the rolling hills of one of Italy’s lushest regions with this Journey to Piedmont truffle assortment from Tartuflanghe. Made with rich chocolate and Piedmontese hazelnuts for a buttery texture, these small bites are about half the size of a regular truffle, just right for a sweet afternoon pick-me-up. This 10-piece assortment represents some of the most beloved flavors of the region: white chocolate, dark chocolate, cappuccino, amaretto, and peppermint.

Calabrian Chili Paste: The quintessential Italian pepper, Calabrian chiles are beloved around the country for the lively, flavorful heat they bring to any dish. This paste of fresh chiles crushed and preserved in olive oil is a must-have for any spice lover’s pantry.

Fusilli Corti: These perfect corkscrews are so named because they were traditionally made by hand by deftly wrapping each strand around a knitting needle or spindle (fusilli comes from the word fuso, or spindle). This fusilli hides a delightful secret: it’s hollow! Similar to bucatini, the narrow tubes act like a straw, absorbing extra sauce to ensure that every bite is as delicious as can be.

Amaretti Cookies in Venice Tin: Amaretti cookies are the pride of Saronno, a city just north of Milan in Lombardy. There’s no amaretti more beloved than these from Chiostro di Saronno. This humble cookie made from just a few simple ingredients is a mainstay of Italian culture, as are the iconic tins in which they have been sold for over a century. This keepsake tin features a painted scene of the canals of Venice, the perfect gift for the sweets-lover in your life.

Sorrento's Lemon Oil IGP: Just opening a bottle of this fragrant lemon olive oil from Gargiulo will immediately transport you to the sun-drenched citrus groves of the Amalfi coast. Made with IGP-certified Sorrento lemons and local olives, this oil is bright and aromatic. Sorrento lemons are so fragrant, they're the signature of the Amalfi coast, where they've grown for more than 1,000 years. It was these lemons that inspired Giada's famous lemon spaghetti! With less bitter pith than the lemons you know, and a thick peel that's packed with fragrant oil, they're so sweet that true lemon-lovers eat them whole, just like oranges. Now, that unforgettable lemon essence is captured in a finishing oil that’s perfect for drizzling over anything that needs a touch of Italian sunshine.

Mixed Fruit Jelly Candies: The essence of the Italian summer is captured in these bite-size jellies from the fruit experts at Agrimontana. Each individually wrapped candy captures its namesake fruit at the height of ripeness. This package contains six varieties: strawberry, raspberry, sour cherry, candied citron, lemon, and orange.

Organic Basil Pesto Sauce: The key to a perfect pesto lies in its balance, and this organic pesto from Bio Orto is the most beautifully balanced version we’ve ever had from a jar. It starts with deeply fragrant fresh basil and real PDO parmigiano reggiano—no second-rate imposters here. Add mild extra virgin olive oil (also organic, made in-house) and creamy Italian pine nuts, and you’ve got a piquant sauce like no other.

Tuscan Salt Blend: Created by world-famous Tuscan butcher Dario Cecchini, this masterful salt blend is known as Profumo del Chianti (“the scent of Chianti”). Fragrant with sun-dried herbs, including sage, lavender, and rosemary, combined with crunchy sea salt, this blend smells like a walk through the Tuscan countryside, where these plants grow in wild abundance.