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Ready for a reset? Stock your pantry with these nutritious whole foods for delicious, authentically Italian meals to fuel your best self. Eating well should never mean settling for bland, restrictive, or boring food. With these flavor-packed essentials, every meal will taste great and leave you feeling even better.

Gluten-Free Penne Rigate: One of the most well-known pasta shapes in the world, penne rigate, are medium-length tubes that trap delicious sauce in the ridges that run down their sides. "Rigate" means grooves - given that this type of penne has grooves on the surface of each penna. The grooved version allows the sauce to adhere to its surface, making every mouthful rich and tasty!

2 Cans of Pomodorini Di Corbara: These bite-sized, bell-shaped cherry tomatoes only grow near the Amalfi Coast. Even more highly prized than the famous San Marzano, they have a distinctive sweet-tart profile that can’t be beaten. They’re Giada’s pick for sauces that need to sing with pure tomato flavor.

Sun-dried Tomatoes in Oil: When you need the rich, sweet flavor of perfectly ripe tomatoes but they just aren’t in season, turn to these sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil from Agnoni. Don’t forget to use the olive oil they’re packed in for flavorful vinaigrettes.

Sea Salt with Capers: You don’t have to love capers to find a million and one uses for this sea salt with capers from Kazzen—their tart umami essence gives this seasoning salt a deliciously subtle flavor boost. But if you’re already a fan of the little green buds, a secret ingredient in some of our favorite punchy Italian dishes, you’ll love this new way to add their unique flavor to everything you make.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Every kitchen needs versatile olive oil, and this one from Fratepietro is a stunner. It’s made from olives grown in sunny Puglia on the Fratepietro family estate and is well-balanced enough to use in everyday cooking but has a crisp flavor that shines as a finishing oil.

Organic White Wine Vinegar Dressing: With a sunny golden hue and fragrant acidity, this organic white wine vinegar from Guerzoni is a truly special condiment you’ll find yourself turning to again and again. It’s made in Modena, on the only certified biodynamic farm in the region.

Calabrian Chile Paste: The quintessential Italian pepper, Calabrian chiles are beloved around the country for the lively, flavorful heat they bring to any dish. This paste of fresh chiles crushed and preserved in olive oil is a must-have for any spice lover’s pantry.

Cannellini Beans: Cannellini beans are prized in the northern region of Tuscany, and once you’ve tried this organic variety from Agribosco, you’ll know why. Among the many types of white beans, cannellini are more nutty, tender and creamy. Could they be the perfect bean? We’d say so.

Organic Bay Leaves: These organic bay leaves are grown in the unspoiled majesty of Madonie regional park, near the northern coast of the island of Sicily. They’re dried right on the branch, so there's no question about what you're getting! Use these aromatic leaves to flavor tomato sauces, stews, and more.

Zuppa Contadina Soup Starter: Just add water to this packet of dehydrated beans, rice, veggies, and robust seasoning for a delicious take on a traditional farmer’s soup. It’s all organically grown in the Piedmont on the Cascina Belvedere farm.

Organic Basil Pesto: The key to a perfect pesto lies in its balance, and this organic pesto from Bio Orto is the most beautifully balanced version we’ve ever had from a jar. It starts with deeply fragrant fresh basil and real PDO parmigiano reggiano—no second-rate imposters here.

Rice Flour: For the most elegant batter for fried foods or a gluten-free baking alternative, there's nothing better than this premium carnaroli rice flour from Riso Buono. It's slow-ground on their Piedmont estate to preserve the rice's nutritional profile, which can be lost in industrial processing.

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