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Vallaurea Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mild and sweet, this oil is made with hand-picked taggiasca olives that are beloved in their native Liguria. It’s a winning match for salads and cold dishes.

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This Vallaurea olive oil from Ardoino is made of taggiasca olives, the beloved light and fruity variety native to the northwestern region of Liguria. Gently cold-pressed to retain as much of the pure flavor as possible, this oil shimmers with a golden yellow color and a bright nutty flavor to match. This unfiltered oil is protected from light with a gold foil wrapper in order to preserve its delicate flavors and prevent oxidation.

Its name, Vall’Aurea, means “golden valley,” and the olives used to make it primarily come from a valley to the north of Imperia on the Italian Riviera. The small, pulpy taggiasca olives are only harvested once they reach a dark blue-violet color, indicating that they are perfectly ripe. This monovarietal oil is a pure expression of this sweet, approachable olive, with a soft flavor that doesn’t overwhelm the palate. It’s a versatile, quiet stunner that will elevate nearly any dish in your repertoire.

The Ardoino family began making olive oil in the 1870s in Liguria, and was one of the first Italian companies to export their oils to America. Compared to oils from southern regions like Sardinia or Sicily, Ligurian olive oil is generally mild and delicate, with fewer spicy and bitter notes. The Ligurian countryside is hilly, covered with sloping, terraced olive groves that overlook the Mediterranean. From afar, the silvery leaves of the olive trees gleam gently in the sunlight, a beautiful and unique landscape that is hard to forget.
This mild olive oil is sweet and slightly fruity, with delicate almond and pine notes. To protect its subtle flavors, it should not be heated, but used only as a finishing oil and on cold dishes. It pairs well with seafood and carpaccios of all kinds. Use this oil on salads like a classic panzanella or drizzle over melon and prosciutto.
17 oz