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Mixed Fruit Jelly Candies

Perfectly sweet and tart, these real fruit jellies are flavored with ripe strawberry, raspberry, sour cherry, citron, lemon, and orange.

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The essence of the Italian summer is captured in these bite-size mixed fruit jellies from the fruit experts at Agrimontana. Each individually wrapped candy captures its namesake fruit at the height of ripeness. This package contains six varieties: strawberry, raspberry, sour cherry, candied citron, lemon, and orange. Citron, an ancient fruit that is the grandfather of all of the citrus varieties we love today, is prized for its fragrant peel that tastes like a less acidic, more floral lemon.

These pâte de fruit-style jellies are made with Italian-grown fruit juices and purees and coated in sugar for a delightfully sweet crunch. Instead of gelatin, Agrimontana uses natural fruit pectin to set these candies, giving them a soft, luxurious texture. It also makes them vegan-friendly! You’ll get the bright, lush flavor of real fruit—and only fruit—in every colorful bite.

Azienda Agrimontana is based in the northwestern region of Piedmont, which shares a border with France and Switzerland. It’s a region that is reknowned for its agricultural bounty, home to decadent specialties including white truffles, barolo, and arborio rice. Agrimontana’s history in Piedmont began 50 years ago, when Cesare Bardini began selling jams, candied fruit, and chestnuts in 1972. He had one mission: to share the natural riches of his home across Italy.

To this day, Agrimontana is dedicated to creating deliciously clean products using traditional methods, without added colors, preservatives, or flavorings. They focus on sustainable agriculture that preserves the beauty of their home while encouraging biodiversity.
These soft, luscious jelly candies are bursting with the ripe fruit flavors of raspberry, strawberry, cherry, orange, lemon, and citron. Set them out as a finishing touch after dessert at your next dinner party, have them alongside tea for an afternoon break, or pop one as a pick-me-up whenever you want a not-too-sweet treat.
3.5 oz