Gran Riserva Olive Oil

Accademia Olearia
A true powerhouse from the island of Sardinia, this limited-production olive oil is bold and assertive, rich in healthy polyphenols.

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From the island of Sardinia, this Gran Riserva olive oil from Accademia Olearia is the absolute peak of perfection in this ancient olive-growing region. Called fruttata verde (“fruity green”), it lives up to its name—well-balanced, green, and richly flavorful with notes of apple and tomato.

To make this truly stellar oil, the fourth-generation oil experts from Accademia Olearia select the best olives from their fields. A blend of varieties is chosen to ensure the right balance, primarily the local bosana olive, which is beloved in the region for its elegant intensity, but also semidana, tonda di Cagliari, and nera di oliena. The olives are harvested in the late fall and cold-pressed within 12 hours to retain their fresh character. A little of this unfiltered oil will go a long way toward elevating even the simplest dishes.

As their name might suggest, Accademia Olearia is devoted to the art and science of olive oil, combining generations of family tradition with state-of-the-art knowledge and facilities. The Fois family began growing olives near Alghero, in northwestern Sardinia, in 1890. The region is especially suited to olive cultivation, with a temperate climate that’s cooled by Mediterranean breezes from the nearby coast. More than 100 years later, they are dedicated to showcasing the high quality of Sardinian olive oil worldwide. Their groves contain more than 25,000 trees, and they manage every step of the cultivation and production journey carefully.
This olive oil has an herbaceous green flavor that is well-balanced between spicy and bitter. It has notes of apples and tomatoes and a pure scent of olives. Use this unfiltered oil in its raw state to preserve its volatile flavor compounds; try it as a finishing oil or use in cold dishes. It will elevate cooked seafood or poultry dishes and add complexity to vegetable dishes and salads. For an elegantly simple cheese course, drizzle over soft cheeses like brie or burrata.
19.2 oz