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6 Italiana Dinners, Pronto

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A good home-cooked meal is something that we absolutely value, but let's just face it: not every night can be a complicated all-out feast. And now you don't have to choose between a delicious dinner with your family, organizing other stuff, or even just getting some rest and spending quality time with your loved ones. With this box, you'll find all the ingredients you need to cook 6 different dinners!

Dinner 1: 1/2 bag pasta of your choice + whole Corbara Pomodorini can + Rigatoni Alla Silana spice kit

Dinner 2: 1/2 bag pasta of your choice + whole Pesto From Trapani jar

Dinner 3: Lemon Risotto, cooked according to package instructions

Dinner 4: 1/2 bag pasta of your choice + whole Bio Orto Pesto jar

Dinner 5: Zuppa Della Nonna, cooked according to package instructions

Dinner 6: 1/2 bag pasta of your choice + whole Bio Orta Puttanesca Sauce jar

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Organic Basil Pesto: The key to a perfect pesto lies in its balance, and this organic pesto from Bio Orto is the most beautifully balanced version we’ve ever had from a jar. It starts with deeply fragrant fresh basil and real PDO parmigiano reggiano—no second-rate imposters here. Add mild extra virgin olive oil (also organic, made in-house) and creamy Italian pine nuts, and you’ve got a piquant sauce like no other.

Pesto From Trapani: The classic pesto from Genoa gets a southern twist in this pesto from Trapani, made by the brothers at Kazzen. Trapani is a port city on the western coast of Sicily known for its crescent-shaped coastline—according to myth, it was formed when a sickle fell off the chariot of Demeter, the goddess of the harvest! Historically, Trapani was an important center for fishing and salt production, and its picturesque salt pans, the low-lying marshes where sea water evaporates to form natural salt crystals, are an international tourist destination.

Organic Puttanesca Sauce: With a jar of this organic puttanesca sauce from Bio Orto in your pantry, you’ll have a bold Neapolitan dinner ready in as much time as takes to boil pasta. It starts with ripe tomatoes from Puglia, the “heel” of Italy’s boot, where the southern heat is tempered by cool breezes from the surrounding Mediterranean Sea. The tomatoes’ natural sugars are concentrated by long hours in the sun, giving them a well-balanced flavor profile that sings with ripe sweetness and umami goodness. They’re cooked with olives, capers, chiles, and plenty of garlic to capture the essence of this classic Italian dish.

Rigatoni Alla Silana Spice Kit: For all the umami lovers out there, this rigatoni alla silana spice blend from Tutto Calabria is for you. With earthy dried mushrooms, eggplant, onions, garlic, and parsley, it will transport you straight to Calabria's historic mountain region of La Sila. You'd be hard-pressed to find a menu not offering pasta alla silana there—it’s a time-honored favorite. With this convenient blend of traditional flavorings, all you need to add is a packet of pasta and a can of tomatoes for a flavorful meal in minutes.

Corbara Pomodorini Whole Tomatoes: These whole, unpeeled pomodorini (“tiny tomatoes”) in tomato sauce from I Sapori di Corbara are bite-sized, bell-shaped cherry tomatoes grown near the Amalfi Coast. Even more highly prized than the famous San Marzano, they have a distinctive sweet-tart profile that can’t be beaten. They’re Giada’s pick for sauces that need to sing with pure tomato flavor. 

Vermicelli Lunghi Pasta: Nobody has taken their vermicelli longer than Setaro, whose lunghi pastas are nearly two feet long. This extra-long version is a souvenir from the old days when pasta makers didn’t have a way to measure and cut their product precisely. This pasta is meant to be broken before it goes into the pot, a job that will delight any child who wants to help in the kitchen.

Gemelli Pasta: The double helix of this Gemelli pasta is an optical illusion. While its name comes from the Italian word for “twins,” referring to the shape that looks like two strands of dough coiled around each other, it’s made with just one strand that’s been cleverly twisted back on itself. Originally from the southern Italian region of Puglia, Gemelli is a highly versatile shape similar to fusilli but with a slightly looser twist. The short curls hide a hollow core ready to absorb all your flavorful sauces for one delicious bite after another.

Lemon Risotto Kit: From field to table, one of Italy’s most passionate farming families has lovingly crafted this lemon risotto. Cascina Belvedere is dedicated to the best rice and risotto, one of the few companies that manage the entire production process, from growing the rice to harvest, milling, and packaging. All that care results in a pretty incredible product! This all-in-one kit contains everything you need to make a deliciously lemon-scented risotto meal in minutes, with no preservatives or artificial flavorings.

Zupa Della Nonna: A delicious blend of natural products: from cereals to dehydrated vegetables and pre-cooked legumes - without adding preservatives or thickeners- obtained from crops of biological origin. They come directly from the traditional peasant cuisine, are genuine and fiber-rich, and are a quick dish to prepare. All you have to do is add water and cook for a quarter of an hour - thanks to a mixture based on preparation for organic vegetable broth, always without preservatives and monosodium glutamate, but with the unique natural flavor of extra virgin olive oil.

Size: 9 items