Tutto Calabria Small Hot Chili Peppers, 1.8 oz

Tutto Calabria


In southwest Italy, on the toe of the boot, resides the sun-soaked region of Calabria – the region of Italy responsible for spicy peppers.  With warm weather flanked by crystal-blue seas, you can taste the sunshine (AKA, the heat!) in every one of the peppers harvested by Tutto Calabria, a beloved family-run company from the region. These small peppers, which translate to “red devils,” are quite spicy – and you’d have to be a brave Scoville aficionado to bite into one whole. They’re lovely as a garnish, or can be added (in moderation) to any dish to add a fair amount of heat along with a beautiful depth of flavor.





Ingredients: Italian “Diavoletti Rossi” hot peppers


Flavor: Very spicy, with a warm and subtly sweet flavor on the finish. 


Uses: Use as a garnish on cooked vegetable platters. Blend into a spice powder or create homemade chili oil, blend into sauces, or chop up and add to pasta sauce to add a fair amount of heat.

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