Turn Up the Heat – Calabrian Chili Pasta Kit


The fruity, mellow heat of Calabrian chiles adds zing to nearly any recipe. But they shine brightest in a simple pasta with sweet cherry tomatoes and a squeeze of lemon juice, balancing out their spicy kick. Toss it all with the best dried pasta in Italy, made by a third-generation family in Torre Annunziata, and you’ve got one of Giada’s go-to pantry meals ready in minutes. Bonus: a little bit of these crushed Calabrian chilis in olive oil will go a long way, so once you’ve enjoyed your pasta, you can experiment with adding them to other dishes. Stir into a soup or stew, marinate meat or fish, top your scrambled eggs – the possibilities are endless! 


Grab Giada’s Calabrian Chili Pasta recipe here!


This box includes:

Dried Calabrian Oregano

Pomodorino Di Corbara

Capricci – 1.1 lbs

Calabrian Chili Paste 

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