Tour De Pasta – Pasta Sampler Box


Can’t decide which of the super-flavorful, delightfully shaped pastas we’ve sourced for Giadzy Pantry to try first? Try five! This grand tour of our favorite pastas goes from teeny-tiny fregola (perfect in soups) to extra-long fusilli lunghi (bucatini’s wild cousin, and just as brilliant in an amatriciana). There’s a shape here for every occasion and sauce. Setaro pastas are made by a third-generation family in Torre Annunziata, who have been making pasta in the same way for more than 80 years, with ultra-fresh semolina flour that’s minimally processed for maximum flavor. The fregola is organically produced in Sardinia, and oven-toasted for a nutty golden finish.  


This box contains:


Organic Fregola – 1.1 lbs

Spaghetti Chitarra – 2.2 lbs*

Fusilli Lunghi 1.1 lbs

Eliche Grandi – 1.1 lbs

Cappelletti – 2.2 lbs*


*These extra large bags of pasta will carry you through double the pasta nights than the standard size!

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