Stock the Shelves – Pantry Starter Kit


Whether you’re building an Italian pantry from scratch or looking for the ultimate gift for the food-lover in your family, look no farther than this comprehensive set of the best ingredients Italy has to offer. With products from around the country -from oregano grown in the southern tip of Calabria to pasta flour from the northern province of Padua -this is the ultimate tasting tour of the country. Out-of-this-world homemade pizza, pasta, and polenta are within your reach, all made with fresh, flavorful ingredients grown with care by small family businesses. With this kit, you’ll be ready to make Everyday Italian your own.


This kit includes:

Fusili Corti pasta, 1.1 lbs

Nodi Marini pasta, 1.1 lbs

Petra pasta flour, 2.2 lbs

Petra pizza and focaccia flour, 2.2 lbs

White polenta

Bonini balsamic vinegar, aged 8 years, 8.4 oz

Riso Buono carnaroli rice, 2.1 lbs

(2) Corbari Italian cherry tomatoes (pomodorini), 14.1 oz

Calabrian chili pepper spread

Sicilian cerignola green olives

Chocolate hazelnut spread

Mini rubata breadsticks

Linguine alla puttanesca spice kit

Calabrian Dried Oregano

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