Gargiulo Sorrento Orange Olive Oil, 8.4 oz.


The Amalfi coast is known for its robust lemons – but that’s not the only notable citrus that comes from the region. In Sorrento, oranges are equally special – this variety of Sorrento Orange has a particularly juicy and sweet flavor, with a beautiful golden yellow color. While we can’t pack up oranges from the Italian coast and sell them, this incredible oil is the next best thing. The sweet, fragrant aroma of oranges is prevalent in this high quality olive oil, making it perfect for a flavorful finishing oil. Use it for vinaigrettes, to drizzle over grilled seafood, or to finish off a decadent dessert.





Ingredients: Olive oil, Sorrento orange rind


Flavor: The oil has a distinct aromatic orange flavor, thanks to the fact that around 74 kilos of orange rind are used for every 100 litres of oil produced!


Uses: Vinaigrettes, drizzling over seafood or vegetables, or on top of desserts such as gelato

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