Fusilli Lunghi, 1.1 lbs

Pastificio Setaro


You’ve never seen fusilli like this before! A traditional shape from Campania, these hollow corkscrews used to be made by deftly wrapping each strand around a knitting needle or spindle (fusilli comes from fuso, or spindle). Use it in place of bucatini in a classic amatriciana, or let your imagination run wild. Whatever you choose, it will taste incredible thanks to the fresh semolina flour the Setaro family uses to make their pasta, unlike the overprocessed stuff most American pasta makers use. Setaro has been making their pasta in the same way — and the same factory, in a small town in Naples — for over 80 years.


Note: All pastas should be cooked until al dente. There is no specific cook time on these pasta bags. You are encouraged to start tasting the pasta about 10 minutes in to the boiling time!





Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water. Contains gluten.


Flavor: Mild, with a wonderful chewy texture.


Uses: In any of your favorite pasta dishes!

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