Viragi Polifemo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 17 oz


Chiaramonte Gulfi, in the hilltop city of Ragusa in southeast Sicily, is locally famed for their culinary specialties – most particularly, their olive oil (they even have a museum dedicated to it!). All fantastic olive oil starts with the olives, and that’s what makes this regional oil so special: the Tonda Iblea olive. The olives are harvested in advance of ripeness, while still bright green, for the desired quality. The result is a green-gold oil with a light, green and herbaceous flavor. Due to this beautifully balanced taste, it can really be applied as a finishing oil on just about any Italian dish, either with contrasting or complementary notes, to bring out new flavors. 


– 17 oz


Flavor: Green tomatoes, artichoke, thyme, oregano, freshly cut crass. It’s fruity, fragrant, with a light and balanced sensation of spicy, sweet and bitter. 


Uses: Great on seafood, soups, vegetable dishes, charcuterie, ragu – a fantastic oil on all finishing applications.

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