Petra Pizza & Foccacia Flour, 1.1 lbs

Molino Quaglia


In Italy, there are as many types of flour as there are pasta shapes, each perfectly calibrated to serve a specific purpose. Using pizza flour to make pancakes? No way! Stone-milled in a complex process that combines old-fashioned integrity with modern precision, this hearty wheat flour is best for yeast-raised doughs like pizza, foccacia, and ciabatta, with just enough protein to ensure an elastic stretch that will rise beautifully and won’t deflate in the oven. The Quaglia family has been dedicated to flour in all its forms since 1914, when Giuseppe Quaglia built his first mill on (literally on!) the river Adige.


– 1.1 lbs



Ingredients: Italian wheat


Uses: For pizza, focaccia, ciabatta, and any recipe that calls for bread flour!

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