Filippone Organic Rosemary Sprigs, .8 oz

Azienda Agricola Filippone


This organic rosemary is grown and sun-soaked on the Filippone farm, in the heart of the mountains of Sicily. The picking, processing and packaging of this herb is done by hand in line with traditional methods, ensuring the maximum quality and authenticity. As soon as you break up the leaves, you’ll be met with an incredibly fresh aroma of the highest quality rosemary. Add it to stews, braises and ragus to impart the beautiful familiar flavor of rosemary you know and love – only, this one is somehow so much better.


– .8oz



Ingredients: organic rosemary


Flavor: Incredibly aromatic, floral


Uses: In stews, ragus, with red meat, in chicken marinades, in cocktails – any place you’d use rosemary!

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