Moretti Semolina Flour, 1.1 lbs



The Moretti family has been milling polenta and semolina in Northern Italy since 1922, and their signature playing-card character is an icon of Italian grocery stores nationwide. Their Semola flour is made from hard durum wheat, ground fine — but not too fine! — for perfect homemade pasta and gnocchi. Compared to 00 flour, which makes for a silky, smooth rolled pasta like tagliatelle, semolina flour is heartier and high in protein and fiber, perfect for easy-to-make short pasta shapes like fusilli or orecchiette. The slightly craggy texture of the dough allows the pasta to absorb more sauce, making every bite extra-flavorful.


– 1.1 lbs



Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina flour


Flavor: A rustic, rich flavor of semolina – similar to cornmeal – with a coarse texture 


Uses: Ideal for pastas, breads and doughs where a sturdy crumb is desirable. Add a little semolina to tart doughs, particularly for savory tarts for a rustic coarseness. Semolina is also a vital ingredient in gnocchi all Romana. 

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