Mario Fongo Mini Lingue Crackers, 3.5 oz

Maria Fongo


These “lingue” crackers (or “tongue” crackers!) are the perfect shape for dipping, topping, and plain ol’ snacking. Light, thin and crispy, Mario Fongo has perfected the flavor and texture of these delightful crackers. The company prides themselves on creating the finest quality products, which all starts with the ingredients – which in this case, means high quality flour and unfiltered 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, with no additives, colorings or preservatives.

– 3.5 oz



Ingredients: flour, water, salt, yeast, organic extra virgin olive oil


Flavor: a rich, delicate and simple flavor off high quality wheat and olive oil


Uses: With a very delicate flavor and crunchy-crisp texture, they’re a wonderful addition to any charcuterie platter – and due to their mini size, they’re the perfect size for snacking!


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Sold Out

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