Bono L’imperatore Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 17 oz



Where Bono’s Il Sole olive oil is bright and joyful, their L’Imperatore (“The Emperor”) is just as powerful as the name might suggest. With strong green flavors of radicchio and pepper, this oil strikes just the right balance of bitter and smooth. Use it with lamb roasted with rosemary and garlic, or any hearty meat dish. Or let its dynamic flavor shine in a simple foccacia recipe (the perfect homemade upgrade to your next cheese board!). The Bono family have been producing olive oil for more than 80 years in the coastal Sicilian town of Sciacca.


– 17 oz



Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil


Flavor: The flavor is potent and all-embracing, with strong notes of chicory, radicchio, Tuscan kale, green pepper and bitter almonds. This olive oil has strong and long-lasting notes of bitterness and pepper, in perfect harmony with its strong flavor.


Uses: The bright, herbaceous flavor of this oil pairs very well with rich and decadent flavors. Recommended pairings from Bono include meat roasted with rosemary and garlic, pancetta on toasted bread, cheese soufflé, seared tuna with poppy seeds and sesame, with custard and zabaglione, both sweet and savory, or with vanilla ice cream or coffee.

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