Le Querce Lavender Honey, 8.8 oz


Le Querce is a family-run business in northwestern Italy, specifically in the rich vegetation of the Anfiteatro Morenico – an area known for its beautiful wildflowers. The family’s access to a wide breadth of Italian wildflowers allows for a large variety of nutritious honey products. This particular honey, however, is harvested in June and July in Southern France region of Provence – in the vast fields of lavender. The source of this honey is unmistakable on first taste – the delicate floral notes of lavender shine through, and the honey itself is a delightfully creamy texture from the rapid crystallization. This lovely product can be used in a myriad of ways: sweeten your coffee and teas for the most delightful flavored lattes, drizzle on ricotta toast, fresh biscuits or vanilla gelato – the possibilities are endless!


– 8.8oz

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