Journey To Piedmont Truffles, 2.5 oz


Tartuflanghe was founded in 1975 in Piedmont, Italy, with a focus on a different type of truffles – the Italian summer truffle, and their claim to fame came in 1990 when they created the world’s first truffle-infused pasta. It wasn’t until later, in 2005, that they began a new venture after years of experimentation and perfecting recipes: the trifulòt (Piedmontese for “tiny truffle”) was born. These irresistible sweet truffles soon became one of the flagship products of the brand due to their success, and it doesn’t take more than a taste to see why. This pack of truffles, called the Journey to Piedmont, represents some of the most beloved flavors of the region: white chocolate, dark chocolate, cappuccino, amaretto and peppermint.



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