Intini Organic Olive Oil, 8.8 oz – 17 oz


For four generations, the Intini family have been in search of the perfect olive oil in Puglia, developing brand-new olive varietals and building innovative pressing systems in their quest. Their organic oil is made with 100%, hand-picked Coratina olives from organic farming, widely considered to be the queen amongst the region varieties, at their best in the month of November. The result is an oil with a medium-to- intense fruitiness, marked by green scents with a lasting impression on the palate.

– 17 oz



Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil


Flavor: Medium-to- intense fruitiness, with an intense lasting flavor reminiscent of artichoke and green olive.


Uses: Finish on dishes such as green vegetables, white meat, tuna and sword fish carpaccio, or grilled fish.



– First Prize Sol d’Oro
– First Prize Sirena d’Oro di Sorrento


– Bronze medal category Organic Sol d’Oro 2018
– Best in Class category Organic Japan Olive Oil Prize 2018
– Premiere Medal Olive Japan 2018 International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
– Two hearts Merum Taschenführer Olivenöl 2018
– Third place cat. Organic Sorrento Golden Mermaid Award 2018
– Extragold Medal Biol International Prize 2018
– Included in the Der Feinschmecker 2018 guide