Intini Denocciolato Olive Oil, 17 oz


For four generations, the Intini family have been in search of the perfect olive oil in Puglia, developing brand-new olive varietals and building innovative pressing systems in their quest. Their Denocciolato blend, with a mix of Ogliarola and Frantoio olives, has a light, delicate flavor that doesn’t overpower. You’ll find yourself reaching for this quiet stunner every day -its versatility will find a home in every dish. It is perfect for starters, salads and seafood. 


– 17 oz



Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil


Flavor: A light and delicate fruitiness with a hint of spice. Flavors of almond and freshly cut grass.


Uses: Finish on dishes such as green vegetables, salads, white meat, tuna and sword fish carpaccio, or grilled fish.