Bono Il Sole Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 17 oz



Il Sole (“The Sun”) is an extra virgin olive oil as bright and joyful as its namesake, with a gorgeous golden color and hints of sun-kissed tomato flavor. Made with the versatile nocellara del belice olive, as prized as a tasty aperitivo snack as it is for its oil, this single-varietal oil is a pure expression of Sicilian sunshine. Use this oil anywhere you need a drizzle of happiness, from crostini and salads to finishing pastas, pizzas, and much more. It’s produced by the Bono family, third-generation olive oil makers who have been perfecting the art in the coastal town of Sciacca for more than 80 years.


– 17 oz



Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil


Flavor: The flavor is full and strong, with essences of freshly cut grass, celery and lettuce. Very bright, with just enough bitterness for balance.


Uses: The perfect olive oil for a sunny Caprese Salad, to add a special something to guacamole, creamy dip, or even a Bloody Mary. Perfect on any dish containing tomatoes, as it enhances the bright flavor, whether raw or cooked. 


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