Pariani, Hazelnut & Cocoa Spread, 7 oz



Move over, Nutella! This decadent chocolate-hazelnut spread is made with nocciola Piemonte, nuts from the mountainous northern Piemonte region of Italy. Piemontese hazelnuts are so precious that not only are they IGP certified (the official Italian designation for products that are best in a specific region), their orchards are actually a UNESCO heritage site. More flavorful than your average hazelnut, nocciola Piemonte have a rich, complex flavor that stands up to the dark cocoa in this creamy spread. Slather it on toast, layer it in cakes, or just eat it with a spoon—we’ll never tell.


– 7.05 oz



Ingredients: “Nocciola Piemonte PGI” hazelnut (50%), cane sugar, anhydrous butter, cocoa (6,6%), whole milk powder, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural flavoring of vanilla.


Flavor: Rich flavor of hazelnuts, a sweet balanced taste of milk chocolate, with a silky smooth drizzle-able texture


Uses: Slather it on toast, layer it in cakes, drizzle on gelato, or just eat it with a spoon!

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