Mixed Dark and Milk Gianduja Chocolate in Bag



“Gianduja” is an Italian specialty, referring to a decadent blend of chocolate and toasted hazelnuts… think the flavor of Nutella, but a whole lot better. This confection originates in Torino, Piemonte, and this mixed milk and dark assortment from Guido Gobino follows the most classic Piemontese recipe. In the 1960s, Giuseppe Gobino started producing chocolates in the region – and now his son, Guido, is considered one of the most talented chocolate artisans in Italy. Enjoy with afternoon espresso or tea, or with a dessert red wine for an after-dinner sweet.


– 8.8 oz



Ingredients: Sugar, Piedmont hazelnut, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, low fat powder, natural extract of vanilla.


Flavor: This bag contains a mix of creamy, sweet milk chocolate giandujotto, along with the more bold and delightfully bitter milk-free dark chocolate.


Uses: Eat these right out of the bag for an incredible Italian treat!

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