Antonio Sotos Gourmet Saffron, .3 oz

Antonio Sotos


Saffron has its reputation as one of the world’s most coveted and legendary spices, and it’s used in a wide variety of cuisines. In its Italian preparations, saffron is most commonly used in risottos and pastas. It adds a beautiful, subtle flavor to any dish that is instantly recognizable – and it adds a quintessential sunny-yellow color, as well. Saffron is so special because of how it’s cultivated: every flower only produces three threads of saffron, and they have to be harvested by hand. To produce one ounce of saffron, it requires the harvesting from roughly 1,000 flowers! It’s a truly special ingredient that doesn’t just add a beautiful aroma and color to a dish, but it showcases a spirit of generosity and celebration when you cook with it.

– .03 oz 

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