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When Giada runs low on any of these ingredients, it’s panic time. With just these four can’t-live-without-them essentials, you’ve got the makings of a stunning dinner and dessert, all in the blink of an eye. Yes, you could just eat the better-than-Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread with a spoon, but it’s an incredible base for cookies, cakes -even gelato! Calabrian chili paste elevates everything from bolognese to pizza, even shrimp, with just a dash, and a bag of Setaro’s famous curved Nodi Marini pasta and pomodorini, can be transformed into an extra-special meal in just moments. 


This kit includes:

Nodi Marini Pasta 1.1lbs
Corbari Italian cherry tomatoes (pomodorini)
Calabrian chili paste
Chocolate hazelnut spread

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