Get Started! – Mini Pasta Sampler


Get your Italian pantry started with 3 bags of Setaro pasta!

Think of this bag as a new spin (in some ways, literally) on pasta shapes that might seem familiar. Ziti Corti is one of the most beloved ancient pasta shapes, commonly seen in baked dishes – and because of the high quality of Setaro pasta, it will take your baked ziti to a whole new level. Fusilli Corti is may seem similar to the fusilli we all know from the grocery store, but this one’s extra special: this tightly-wound corkscrew shape has a hole running through the middle, similar to bucatini, which creates even more space for delicious pasta sauce to hide. Lastly, papardelle is a favorite among our team – think of it as an extra-wide version of fettuccine. The shape originates from Tuscany, as it can stand up to hearty meat sauces and ragus. All of these pastas are produced by Setaro, a third-generation family in Torre Annunziata. They have been making pasta in the same way for more than 80 years, with ultra-fresh semolina flour that’s minimally processed for maximum flavor, and a delicious texture that’s both pillowy and perfectly aldente.


This box contains:

Papardelle 2.2 lbs*

Fusilli Corti 1.1 lbs

Ziti Corti 2.2 lbs*

Gift box not included.

*These extra large bags of pasta will carry you through twice as many pasta nights!

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