Setaro Fusilli Corti, 1.1lbs


Not your every day fusilli! Fusilli, which roughly translates to “spun,” in Italian, is generally any variety of helical spiral pasta – and this is one of the most true corkscrews we’ve ever come across. What’s extra fun about this fusilli variety is that it has a hole that runs throughout, similar to bucatini – which means an extra space for delicious sauce to hide inside. Use this fun shape any time you’d use regular fusilli, or just about any short pasta shape. Made by the Setaro family at their factory in Torre Annunziata in Naples since 1939, this pasta stands out from any made in the U.S. thanks to the minimally processed semolina flour they use that gives the pasta its robust flavor – and a beautiful texture that’s both pillowy and perfectly aldente at once.

Note: All pastas should be cooked until al dente. There is no specific cook time on these pasta bags. You are encouraged to start tasting the pasta about 10 minutes in to the boiling time!


– 1.1 lbs



Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water. Contains gluten.


Flavor: Mild, with a wonderful chewy texture.


Uses: In any of your favorite pasta dishes!

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