Festa Della Pizza Gift Box


The perfect Neapolitan-style pizza is now within reach, no matter how far you are from Naples. This kit includes everything you need to make a show-stopping thin-crust pizza at home. The secret weapon? Type 3 pizza flour by Petra, a high-protein wheat flour that gives any dough the right elastic stretch for that tantalizingly chewy, crackly crust. Top it all off with sauce made from sweet  pomodorini sourced from Sicily, Giada‚Äôs favorite spicy Calabrian chili paste for a dash of heat, and top it all off with Sicilian oregano picked right off the stem. This kit is wrapped in our beautiful new Giadzy gift boxes, making the perfect gift for the pizza-lover in your life. Buon appetito!


This kit includes:

Petra Pizza And Focaccia Flour

Sicilian Cherry Tomato Sauce

Organic Sicilian Oregano

Calabrian Chili Paste

Gift Box

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