Corbara Datterino Tomato, 14.1 oz


“Datterini” translates to “little dates” in Italian, which is in reference to the size and sweetness of these delicious little bites. Like Pomodorini, Datterini are small and naturally sweet cherry tomatoes. The skin is thicker than regular tomatoes and they have fewer seeds, which means more flesh – and more flesh means more flavor. These tiny tomatoes are so full of big flavor, they hardly need any cooking – throw them into a salad, a super quick pasta sauce, or on pizza for a burst of southern Italian sunshine in every bite. 


– 14.1oz



Ingredients: Unpeeled whole datterini tomatoes, datterini tomato juice


Flavor: Very sweet, bright and clean


Uses: In pomodoro and tomato sauces. Because of the sweet and delicious flavor, you don’t need to cook these tomatoes for very long like you might with other canned tomatoes – throw them into a pasta with fresh herbs and simmer for just a few minutes.


Refrigerate after opening

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