Dario Cecchini Chianti Sampler Pack, 3 1.7-oz jars


Created by world-famous Tuscan butcher Dario Cecchini, this trio of condiments and seasoning are all masterfully created from family recipes, and all inspired by the Chianti region in Tuscany.


Tuscan Salt Blend: This masterful salt blend is known as Profumo del Chianti – the essence of Tuscany. The sea salt is blended with sage, lavender, thyme, rosemary, laurel, fennel pollen and juniper – all of which have been said to evoke a flavor of “perfume of the woods” and “summers in the fields”. While this salt blend is a perfect rub for steaks (especially a Bistecca Fiorentina!), it is wonderful on virtually any protein, and even on vegetable side dishes. 


Tuscan Mustard: According to Dario, it is created using an old family recipe with some Danish influence, and the result is a smooth, flavorful condiment that works beautifully on a number of dishes. A great addition to charcuterie and cheese platters, it pairs well with aged Italian cheeses and cured meats. Additionally, it’s a wonderful addition to sandwiches, sausages, or any pork and beef dish.


Mostarda: This particular mostarda is sweet with a bit of a kick, with an overall bright and fresh flavor from the base of bell peppers. Like a sophisticated and perfectly-balanced pepper jelly, use this condiment anywhere that could use a bit of sweetness, acidity and spice. Perfect on crostini, drizzled over soft aged cheeses, as a charcuterie platter addition and beyond, this jar will find many a use in your kitchen.

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