Le Querce Coffee Hazelnut Honey, 7 oz


Le Querce is a family-run business in northwestern Italy, specifically in the rich vegetation of the Anfiteatro Morenico – an area known for its beautiful wildflowers. The family’s access to a wide breadth of Italian wildflowers allows for a large variety of nutritious honey products. This particular honey is flavored with richly flavored IGP hazelnuts (IGP being the official Italian designation for products that are best in a specific region) and coffee, bringing a delicious depth of flavor to the base of acacia honey. Le querce suggests that it is “ideal in association with ricotta cheese, white yoghurt or milky cream-based desserts. It is excellent as well on panna cotta, ice cream and crepes, at the end of the meal or for a snack.”




Ingredients: acacia honey 79%, Piedmont I.G.P. Hazelnut 16%, coffee 5%

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