Prunotto Mariangela Bagna Cauda, 4.5 oz

Prunotto Mariangela
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Garlic lovers, look no further! A centuries-old dish from the wine country of the Piedmont region, home of Barolo, bagna cauda (literally hot bath) is an autumn tradition that’s equal parts fondue party and harvest celebration. At the end of the grape-growing season, pickers would warm themselves by dipping raw veggies into this intensely aromatic blend of olive oil, garlic — lots of it — and anchovies, heated till bubbling. Host your own bagna cauda party with this utterly delicious blend, ready to heat and serve, and dip in toasted bread for a delicious take on the tradition. It can also be used as a sauce for roasted meats or vegetables.


– 4.5 oz



Ingredients: Garlic, olive oil, anchovies


Flavor: The bold flavors of fresh Italian garlic and umami, salty anchovies are most prominent, with a rich texture and flavor of olive oil.


Uses: Traditionally used with both fresh and raw vegetables. Also makes an incredible dip for toasted bread, or served with meat.


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