Armatore Cetara Anchovy Filets In Tin, 3.2 oz

Armatore Cetara


If ever there was an anchovy that could be called a showstopper, this is it. Caught off the Amalfi Coast, these tiny treasures from the Tyrrhenian sea are perfectly salty, savory, and luscious. They’re all you need to take a simple pizza to the next level, or try them layered under fresh chopped tomatoes for a craveable bruschetta. Armatore, the producer, is committed to maintaining old-school fishing traditions alive in the coastal town of Cetara, while practicing 21st-century sustainability.


-3.2 oz. 




Ingredients: anchovy filets, olive oil


Flavor: perfectly salty, savory, and luscious


Uses: The anchovy fillets in olive oil are particularly suitable for the preparation of appetizers, bruschetta and as a condiment for salads or pasta dishes.

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