Anfosso Basil Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Since 1945, Anfosso has been producing extra virgin olive oils in line with ancient tradition of Liguria in northwestern Italy. (If there were ever any question as to the family-owned nature of this production, just look to the bottles – they’re illustrated by the Anfosso children!) Over the decades, they haven’t changed their production from the original processes – but they have perfected it. In Liguria, the Taggiasca olive reigns supreme – a fruity, sweet olive with nutty flavor, all of which is imparted into Anfosso oils.


This basil-infused bottle from Anfosso is fantastic to use in any dish that could use a bit of herbaceous basil flavor. Salad dressings, Caprese salads, pizzas, pastas and more – the sweet taste of basil will brighten up a wide variety of recipes.


-8.4 oz

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