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Where are your favorite places to travel, restaurant recommendations or fun places to go?


Hi Giada! I studied abroad in Florence, Italy back in 2009 and I'm going back…

Posted 1 month ago in Travel by ambers39
Last reply 3 weeks ago by TheGiadzyKitchen

Hi, Giada! I was wondering if you had a favorite restaurant in the Seattle…

Posted 1 month ago in Travel by leamari

I tried this ricotta dessert in Siena a few years ago. I alucinate everytime i remember how amazing was. If anyone knows the recipe please share. 🍋

Posted 3 months ago in Travel by patria01

Loving life

Posted 4 months ago in Travel by honeybear38
Last reply 4 months ago by honeybear38

I will be traveling throughout Italy this June. Do you have any "must go to"…

Posted 6 months ago in Travel by lanysf

Any Paris recommendations? :) I signed up for cooking class at Le Cordon Bleu…

Posted 7 months ago in Travel by cls721
Last reply 7 months ago by giada