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Truffle Pasta Box


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This simple dish originates from Florence: tagliatelle ai Funghi e Tartufo, which translates to tagliatelle with mushrooms and truffle. It traditionally stars Porcini, a prized flavorful mushroom in Italy, but we did a little twist and upgraded the flavor with these amazing summer truffle slices in olive oil and black truffle spread! Oh yes - the real kicker here is the truffle. It's an unmistakable flavor and a delicacy in Italian cuisine. 

And the best part? This meal kit has everything you need to cook an amazing yet uncomplicated truffle pasta - recipe included!

This kit contains:

Recipe card

Pappardelle Pasta: The long ribbons of Setaro’s pappardelle may remind you of fettuccine or tagliatelle, but a whole lot wider. It was invented in Tuscany, and the name is taken from the verb pappare, which in the local dialect means “to gobble up,” often with childish glee. We have no trouble with that part!

Summer Truffle Slices in Oil: Bring a little Italian luxury home with these summer truffle slices from Tartuflanghe. Foraged in the hazy summer months in the forests of the northwestern Piedmont region, these delicate nuggets are among the most valuable foods in the world. Their inimitable flavor is earthy and robust —just a little truffle adds a deep umami note to any dish. Immediately after harvesting, these truffles are sliced and preserved in olive oil, a process known as sottolio so they can be enjoyed year-round.

Black Truffle Spread: Black winter truffles are dark and pungent and have a delicately earthy, buttery flavor with notes of hazelnut and almond. This sauce ups their natural umami level by adding mushrooms, garlic, and herbs for a deliciously savory—and versatile—sauce. 

Organic Rosemary Sprigs: No herb is more quintessentially Mediterranean than rosemary, and there’s no dried rosemary more intensely aromatic than this version from Filippone. The woody plant thrives in sunny, dry climates, and it grows wild across much of southern Italy, where its unmistakable scent perfumes the coastal breezes. This rosemary is grown on a small family farm in Sicily and dried right on the branch, so there's no doubt about what you're getting. 

This all-in-one box has everything you need to cook an amazing truffle pasta - recipe included!
Pappardelle Pasta: Durum wheat semolina, water. Contains gluten.

Summer Truffle Slices in Oil: summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.) 57%, olive oil, flavor.

Black Truffle Spread: Cultivated mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus), water, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower seed oil, summer truffle (Tuber aestivum vitt) 2%, vegetable fiber, salt, flavorings, starch, squid ink, black pepper, garlic.

Organic Rosemary Sprigs: 100% organic rosemary
Northern Italian Truffle Pasta recipe serves 4.

Pappardelle Pasta: 2.2lbs

Summer Truffle Slices in Oil: 1.2oz

Black Truffle Spread: 4.59oz

Organic Rosemary: 0.8oz