Il Sole Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A ray of sunshine from the Sicilian coast, this golden olive oil has fragrant aromas that sing when drizzled over tomato dishes of all kinds.

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Bono Il Sole ("The Sun") is an extra virgin olive oil as bright and joyful as its namesake, with a gorgeous golden color and hints of sun-kissed tomato flavor. It’s made with the versatile nocellara del belice, a large and juicy green olive that is as prized as a tasty aperitivo snack as it is for its oil. Unlike blended olive oils, this single-varietal oil has an intensity of flavor that shines as a finishing touch on a wide variety of dishes. Use it anywhere you need a drizzle of happiness, from elegant crostini and salads to finishing pastas, pizzas, and much more.

The Bono family are third-generation olive oil makers who have been perfecting their art in the coastal Sicilian town of Sciacca for more than 80 years. The largest olive oil producer in Sicily, Bono works with more than 300 family farms in the area to hand-pick only the best olives. The sun-drenched southern hills that produce these olives are considered some of the best in Italy, and Bono’s mission is to make oils that express that special terroir. With a focus on transparency, every bottle can be traced directly to the fields where the olives were grown. Simply put, their olive oils are a pure expression of Sicilian sunshine.

Use: This olive oil is very bright and intensely aromatic, with just enough bitterness for balance. It has notes of tomato, freshly cut grass, oregano, celery, and lettuce. Savor it simply, as a dip for bread or drizzle over crostini with fresh ricotta. It is the perfect olive oil for a sunny Caprese salad or to add special something to guacamole, creamy dips, or even a Bloody Mary. It pairs especially well with any dish containing tomatoes, whether they are raw or cooked. Drizzle it over vanilla gelato and sprinkle with crunchy sea salt for a decadently grown-up dessert.
17 oz
Extra virgin olive oil