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Bakers, you’ve found your happy place. With a hand-picked selection of the most flavorful sweet pastes and spreads, we’ve collected all you need to take your cookies, cakes, and more to the next level the Italian way. These brilliant baking shortcuts are made with the highest quality ingredients from Italy, including Sicilian pistachios and almonds, and Piedmontese hazelnuts. There are no additives, emulsifiers, or flavorings—just the good stuff.

Piedmontese hazelnuts are so precious that they are IGP-certified (the official Italian designation for products that are best in a specific region), and their orchards are a UNESCO heritage site! More flavorful than your average hazelnut, nocciola Piemonte has a rich, complex flavor. They’re blended with dark cocoa to make a creamy spread that’s like the artisan version of Nutella but better.

Almond and pistachio trees were brought to Sicily by travelers from the Middle East, and their presence is just one of the reminders of the Arab influence on the island that makes a Sicilian culture unique. Today, Sicily is home to a wide range of almond varieties, each prized for its unique characteristics and flavor profile. Less varied but no less adored, Sicilian pistachios are exceptionally sweet and bright green, valued for the flavor and color they bring to sweets of all kinds.

In addition to baking, you’ll find a million uses for these top-quality pastes and spreads. Make your own gelato, stir them into yogurt or dollop it on toast—or just eat them with a spoon! Pair with honey for a sweet spread, or get creative with your cheese board or antipasti. These products are shortcuts to rich, nutty flavor in a snap, no matter where you use them. They’re all sourced from artisans across Italy who take pride in bringing their local specialties and regional delicacies to you.