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Organic Sage Sprigs

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Take any meal to Italy in a snap with boldly flavored spices and herbs direct from some of the country’s most dedicated artisans. These kitchen helpers will turn your pantry into a powerhouse of flavor, from fragrant dried herbs to decadent truffles and beyond.

Close your eyes and think of the fundamental flavors of your favorite Italian foods. Chances are, they’re fragrant Mediterranean herbs like basil and oregano, pungent garlic, and the fruity, lingering heat of Calabrian chiles. These aromatic ingredients are absolutely essential to the Italian pantry, giving that special touch of la dolce vita to sauces, roasts, and more.

Originally imported to Italy from Spain, the precious threads of saffron are beloved in the south, in Sardinia and Sicily, and the north, in Umbria, Tuscany, and Abruzzo. Once considered more valuable than gold, saffron threads are the stigma in the center of the vibrant saffron crocus. Every flower only has three threads of saffron, which have to be harvested by hand. Its most famous use may be in the golden-hued risotto Milanese, where its unmistakable honeyed, earthy aroma shines.

And all along the southern half of the country, from Campania around to Puglia and on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia, rosemary, bay laurel, and oregano grow in wild abundance, sprouting at will and scenting the sea air with their herbal perfume. They flavor roast vegetables and meats, braises, and grilled fish with the essence of the Mediterranean coast.

To capture these flavors in your own cooking, go straight to the source! We’ve partnered with the best producers of these herbs and spices and more in their home regions to bring them straight to your kitchen.