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Crunchy Caper Leaves

Garnish a dish with a pinch of these crispy, salty greens for a new way to experience the briny umami flavor of capers.

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The caper experts at Kazzen have come up with a brand-new way to enjoy the briny taste of the delicious little buds with these crunchy caper leaves. The tender leaves of the caper bush are harvested at the end of the summer, then brined in salt and dehydrated to create a uniquely crisp product that’s as delicious as a snack as it is a versatile ingredient.

Capers are the young buds of a flowering shrub that grows across the Mediterranean region. The only way to harvest capers is in the early morning, to catch them when they’re most tightly closed. Too small to be harvested by machine, they must be picked by hand, then left to dry for a few days before packing. When it comes to Italian capers, one region rises above the rest: the island of Pantelleria, off the southwest coast of Sicily near Tunisia. Caper bushes are one of the few native plants that thrive in the island’s dry, rocky terrain and intense heat, and Pantelleria capers are known to be the most flavorful and largest in Italy.

Run by three brothers from Pantelleria, Kazzen is dedicated to sharing the unique bounty of their home with the rest of Italy and the world. A true labor of love, Kazzen uses traditional methods and recipes to continue the flavorful legacy of their island. Their motto is “specialità dell’isola”—specialties of the island—and their capers, oils, and delicious sauces and spreads will bring a taste of Pantelleria to your home.

Mildly briny with a delicately buttery, sweet finish, these caper leaves are crisp and melting. Delicious to snack on, they make a unique addition to charcuterie boards or a casual aperitivo spread. They are a delightful addition to cream sauces, soups, and stews, and can add another layer of flavor to classic caper recipes like chicken piccata.
Size: 0.35 oz
Caper leaves