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Chianti Condiments Sampler Pack

Dario Cecchini

Size | 3 1.7-oz jars

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Created by world-famous Tuscan butcher Dario Cecchini, this trio of condiments and seasonings are all masterfully created from family recipes, and all inspired by the Chianti region of Tuscany.

Mostarda is a sweet pepper condiment that adds big flavor to everything it touches. A traditional northern Italian relish, mostarda is usually made with candied fruit with a spicy kick. Like a sophisticated and perfectly balanced pepper jelly, use this anywhere that could use a bit of sweetness, acidity, and spice.

Tuscan mustard is a masterfully versatile condiment you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again. Sweet, sour, and not too spicy, it makes a great addition to charcuterie platters, where it pairs well with aged cheese and cured meats of all kinds. It’s also a perfect compliment to sausages, beef or pork roasts, and sandwiches of all kinds.

Tuscan salt blend is known as Profumo del Chianti (“the scent of Chianti”). Fragrant with sun-dried herbs, including sage, lavender, and rosemary, combined with crunchy sea salt, this blend smells like a walk through the Tuscan countryside, where these plants grow in wild abundance. It’s a wonderful rub for proteins like the famous Bistecca alla Fiorentina.

In the heart of the wine country of Chianti, halfway between Florence and Siena, Dario runs his family’s butcher shop in a small hilltop town called Panzano. The Cecchini family have been butchers there for more than 250 years, in a region that is famous for its meaty cuisine. In a world of mass production, Dario’s reverence and respect for animals is steeped in his Italian culture. His education and passion for the traditional ways of Tuscan butchery and cooking has earned him international acclaim, and he’s been the subject of numerous TV shows and books. Anybody who wants to learn about Italian meat turns to Dario first!

With all that love for his home and its cuisine, it only makes sense that Dario would have created an impeccable collection of condiments and kitchen helpers for those of us who can’t get to his shop directly.

More than just accompaniments for meaty dishes, these products capture the essence of Tuscany. With bold flavors that are always in perfect harmony, they make it easier to add a taste of Italian tradition to your next meal.
3x 1.7 oz Jars