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Farfalline Pasta

These “little butterflies” are the perfect size for soups or as a pastina substitute, made by third-generation artisans in Naples.

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Literally translating to little butterflies, Farfalline is a smaller, rounded version of its bigger brother, the farfalle. Originally from northern Italy, farfalline has a rectangular shape with a scalloped edge, pinched together in the center - like a tiny little bow tie that kids love!

Since 1939, the Setaro family has been making pasta on a winding street in Torre Annunziata in Naples. Their factory is on the same street, in fact, where Giada's grandfather once made his own pasta. The semolina flour they use is minimally processed, creating a more flavorful product than those commonly found in the U.S. The company air-dries its pasta in the cool, salt-tinged breezes that blow in through wild rosemary bushes from the Mediterranean coast, a practice that makes for a delightfully chewy finished product.

With its notched edge and small curved wings, Farfalline is a perfect shape for soups with croutons or vegetables. This pasta can be used in thick creamy, or velvety soups.
Size: 1.1 lbs
Durum wheat semolina, water. Contains gluten.